Goliaths are peaceful a peaceful race. They believe in the gods and pay tribute. It was King Ursus that first encountered the Goliaths. After his conquest of the Orc tribes he continued West along the mountain range and came across their village. When he first approached he was so shocked to see these 7 foot giants that he instinctively raised his battle axe for battle. Instead the Goliaths dropped themselves to the ground and prayed. Ursus was so shocked that he dropped his battle axe.

The Goliaths eventually started to come down from the mountain and interact with the other races. They quickly became known as miracle workers for their divine magics that had not been seen before. The Goliaths were soon found teaching divine magics in the medical schools of Isidora.

Goliaths keep the gods and as such are often found working as priests. Goliaths are said to pay more homage to all the gods of Isidora than any race to its own.

Although rarely seen in combat it is believed that if a Goliath is threatened then the gods themselves will come to their aid.


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