Josiah led a priveleged life in comparison to all the kings that came before him. His father Ursus had brought a relative end to the threats of Leon. There were still small raids but Leon had grown large and it’s military competent in repelling the attacks. So Josiah was able to spend much time in study. He learned of the gods and of the people he would lead. Josiah would explore every inch of the city he called home.

Josiah would become bored with the confines of Leon. As soon as he was old enough he would leave the walls of Leon. Escorted by guards he would visit the small villages that had started to grow under the peace of the land and protection of Leon. Josiah would explore the mountains, fields and forests. He loved playing outside the walls of Leon.

When his father Ursus abdicated his reign and left the land, Josiah accepted his new role and gave fair judgement to all issues. After 2 years Josiah began to feel that his throne was his prison. He wished to leave Leon once more. During a dispute of land he came to an epiphany as to how he could prosper Isidora and further his ambitions. Isidora would expand.

Josiah commissioned for a new settlement at the river’s end. Many able bodied men answered the call and Isidora began to extend it’s influence. Soon settlements began forming along the river’s edge. The defeated Orcs saw an opportunity to harass their enemies and began attacking the unfortifed settlements. Josiah not wanting to halt exploration ordered the armies of Leon to defend the newer settlements. The armies were marched out and repelled many attacks but they were too slow to be able to respond to all signs of threat. The Orc raiding parties were small which allowed them to be swift and the surrounding ding woods helped concealed their attacks. Josiah had the military divided into smaller forces and stationed across the land to better protect Isidora‘s new borders. This new tactic had worked well but it had made Leon and it’s military more vulnerable. This would soon be realized by tragedy.

The Orc raiders having noticed the response to their attacks planned their greatest strike on the people of Isidora since Demur‘s rule . One day a large battalion of Orcs marched upon the walls of Leon. Large swaths of farmlands were raised and the remaining forces left in Leon fought valiantly to hold back the attacking force allowing many of the valleys inhabitants to retreat behind Leon’s defensive walls. Josiah had ordered a messenger to retrieve the outlier military to come to Leon‘s defense. Josiah then ordered the engaged battalions to retreat to Leon and defend it’s walls until reinforcements could arrive. Leon closed it’s gates and weathered the siege. It took many weeks until Leon‘s full might had returned to its defense. Leon’s defenders were able to claim victory over the Orcs and free Leon from assault.

After the invasion Josiah commanded that towers be built along the river to be able to watch for attacks and signal for aide. This slowed the expansion of Isidora but helped to create a greater warning system that proved effective. This allowed for people to continue exploring the land around the river. During this time Josiah’s wife finally conceived him an heir named Methias. Eventually people reached the ocean. Once Josiah heard the news of the discovery he rode out to see it It’s beauty so moved him that he commanded a city to be built there. The city would be named Rubis upon its completion. Josiah would spend much time visiting and overseeing the construction of Rubis. Near Rubis’s completion it came under attacked and was razed by a new threat to Isidora.

When Josiah heard that Rubis had been razed to the ground he marched out immediately with the majority of his forces. He expected to hear news of another Orc attack but instead heard tales of small green monsters and fur covered men. Josiah began a search for these new enemies. He found traces of them to the forests in the North. He had found the kingdom of goblins. The large skirmish commenced and Josiah’s forces proved victorious but it at great losses. Unlike the Orcs the goblin forces were organized and knew advanced battle tactics. Josiah and a majority of his forces stayed in the lands surrounding the construction of Rubis to protect it from this new threat. Josiah would not live to see the completion of Rubis. One morning his attendant found him dead. It was discovered that he had been stabbed in the heart during the night. Three other of his generals were found dead with the same wounds. One of the other generals stated that he had seen figures cloaked in shadows leaving the camp before dawn. News was sent to Leon of the kings assassination and Josiah’s son Methias was crowned king.


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