Leona was a medic before she would marry Zios. She was known as the saint of the hospital as she would strive to comfort every wounded soldier that came to the hospital. After she had married Zios she would continue to work at the hospital and mend to the wounded.

It would not be long until she was called upon to settle disputes between the various races and to pass laws in place of the often absent king Zios. To help her better adjudicate she spent much time among the various races to better learn their customs and habits. After she had learned what she could she decided to form a counsel consisting of one member of each race. She hand picked each member from those she had observed during her time among the races. This decision greatly helped reduce the conflicts between the other races as the counsel would be able to effectively and fairly end disputes. The members of the involved races would not be allowed to vote on the outcome of the counsel’s rulings but would be allowed to speak on behalf of their people.

With her time freed Leona would continue to care for the ill until she became a mother. She gave birth to first born Demur, Lady Irsis, and Lord Biel. She would then dedicate much of her youth raising and caring for her children and sitting in on the counsel to oversee that their judgements had stayed fair.

Her children were taught by counsel so that they could better lead the people of Isidora when it came time. Sadly the time would come when King Zios would die. After his death Leona mourned for Zios for many weeks. During this time Demur, Irsis and Biel maintained the peace of the land kept the races together with the help of the counsel. Lady Irsis would begin the construction Leona’s first set of walls. Demur and Biel would continue to march the armies to protect the borders.

Leona had Zios buried in the center of the town so he could continue his watch of the land he helped establish. After her grief had subsided she founded a school of medicine to further raise the knowledge of healing in the land.


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