Demur took the throne at the age of 16. When he took the throne there was a great unrest in the land. Zios his father had been killed by the Orcs and this emboldened their attacks. Demur quickly had to reassure the populace that they would still be protected. His mother Leona was stricken with grief and so it was up to Demur and his two siblings to control the land. Demur quickly began his march against the Orcs. Being that he was only 16 and the recent death of his father the council convinced him it would be best to lead from the rear and allow the military to do most of the combat. He conceded to this advice as he had not experienced open combat before. It was in this that Demur found his greatest strength. He proved himself a great tactician. Time and again the Orc invaders would be routed with clever ambushes and cunning battle tactics. On the day of his 18th year Demur would command his army in battle for the first time. Two years later his younger brother Biel would join him and the two would go on to lead their forces to many victories.

Demur wed and fathered his only son Ursus at the age of 29. Demur taught his son everything he knew of combat and even had Ursus brought along with his forces on a few campaigns so that he could see firsthand the truth of war. Demur knew that war would be a part of Ursus’ life and he wanted Ursus to be prepared in the chance anything would happen to him in a campaign.

Demur suffered tragedy at the age of 47 during the midst of a bloody campaign that had lasted 3 years. The armies were at war with a large Orc invasion and Biel’s company was routed by the invading forces. When Demur’s battalion was able to fight through to his brothers location it was too late all had been slain. This enraged Demur and he recklessly assualted the Orc invaders and chased them back up the mountains. This would end the last great conflict between Isidora and the Orcs. There were other conflicts but never again have the Orc forces been able to amass such a large force.

Demur would continue to rule as king until he abdicated the throne to his son Ursus at the age of 63. He would continue to live in the land until his death of natural causes at the age of 67.


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