The Dwarven people once resided in the mountains. They were the first race to develop iron weapons and armors and the first to join the ranks of King Zios. They believe the mountains to be the womb from which their god created them. The mountains are believed to be holy and are held in reverence. It is no surprise then that they hold special distaste of the Orcs that currently live upon the mountains peaks.

Dwarves excel in combat and are among the sturdiest of the races in this regard. They are often among the front ranks of any conflict and are known as Isidora’s shields. Dwarves are notoriously difficult to knock down in combat possibly due to their low center of gravity and stocky builds. It is said that Dwarves can hold their ground from relentless attacks without ceasing. In fact this trait has been seen many times in combat and contest. Many times has an elven combatant believed himself short of victory after hours of relentless attacks upon a huddled Dwarven foe hiding behind his shield. Only to find the Dwarf spring to action as soon as the Elf had begun to tire and take claim of the victory. Some rumors state that during these contests you can hear the sounds of the Dwarf snoring as though he has fallen asleep while in his defensive cocoon.

Truly the Dwarves live up to their motto “Steady as the mountains.”


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