It is said that Halflings are the product of many ancestral offspring of Human and Dwarf pairings that had eventually grown large enough to be recognized as their own race. This belief is more of a joke of the other races that neither the Halflings, Humans or Dwarves find humerous. Halfling instead believe that they were one of the first races of the land. They tell legends of a time when the land was much smaller in scale when the trees did not touch the sky and the mountains did not exist. They believe that when the land grew some Halflings reached up endlessly to be able to reach the fruit of the trees and would later become what is now known as Humans. The also tell legends that the Mountains fell from the sky upon a large settlement and the Halflings that survived and dug themselves back out are the Dwarves. These legends are only believed by Halflings but they have no problem with that.

Perhaps their belief in these legends helps explain Halfling tenacity. Halflings are known for never giving up on their dreams and never giving in. They as a race are a jack of all trades. The other races may excel in one region or another but no race is as diverse in trade as Halflings. Among the land you will find Halflings in nearly any position attainable be it merchant to trained arcanist. There is no "barrier’ that a Halfling won’t eventually find a way around.

Halflings are most notably known for their ingenuity and as a result have given Isidora some of its greatest technological advancements such as the fishing boats used by port town of Rubis.


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