Methias became king when his father Josiah was found assassinated in his sleep near the construction by the sea. Three of of the king’s generals had also been murdered on that same night. Methias ordered an investigation into the sudden assassinations. High ranking members of the gnomes were brought in to lend their expertise to ascertain what happened. It was concluded that the assassins came from the forest in the direction of the goblin empire. The gnomes went in at night to see what they could ascertain. Of the five that went in only 2 returned. The surviving gnomes warned Methias to never enter the forests and to have large fires around the camp with guards keeping watch. “The clearing must always be bright”. Methias took head of some of the gnomes warnings by keeping the clearing lit. He and Eladrin casters augmented the fires to brighten their flames. Despite the gnomes warnings, Methias could not allow the death of his father and more importantly Isidora’ s king to go without punishment. Methias prepared his armies for battle.

Methias began his assault by having his armies cut back the edges of the forest to deprive the enemies of its cover. When the goblin armies would threaten to attack he would pull his forces back to open ground. There were a few engagements in the open that Isidora’a army quickly shut down. Soon the goblin it seemed learned to avoid direct confrontation. The goblins would begin to fire arrows out from the forest. In response Methias erected wooden shielding for his forces to continue the deforestation. At night the guards would spot shadows in the light and sound the alarms. Some sabotage would still happen but only on the edges of the forest. As the forest was cut Rubis prospered. The wood would be used to build walls, expand the city and for experimental boat designs. By the second year of Methias’ incursions word came to him of an unknown group approaching from the South.

Methias pulled a large battalion from the forests edge and went to confront these strangers. He found a large migration of Minotaurs. The people of Isidora had never seen a Minotaur before and felt uneasy by them. They looked powerful and had come in large numbers. The inclusion of women and children in their ranks reduced some tension but many still remember how effective women and youth were in the ranks of the Orcish armies. The Minotaurs were large and imposing figures. Methias marched out with forces to meet the incoming Minotaur group. Once approached the Minotaurs did not raise up arms. Methias brought a few of his mage and together they studied the Minotaur language. It took three months of direct interaction to adapt their language rituals to work with the Minotaurs tongue. Once they were able to more easily communicate Methias learned that the Minotaurs were fleeing from a force that may be more dangerous than any Isidora had seen.

The Minotaurs warned Methias of the approaching Gnoll war machine and the devastation it brought. The Minotaur people came North hoping to escape the destruction that had befallen them from war with the Gnolls. Their Kingdoms destroyed they were nothing more than refugees now. Methias offered the Minotaur people refuge.

Methias began to worry. He was already in conflict at Rubis with the Goblin empire. He dare not pull any more forces from Leon for fear that it may encourage the Orcs to reignite their feud. If the approaching Gnolls were as monstrous as made out it could mean the destruction of all Isidora.


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