Ursus lived an interesting life. His father Demur took him to view his battles and had him trained in combat at an early age. Some say it was this that made Ursus the man he came to be. Ursus grew to become fascinated in combat and would attend every show of combat in Leon. Eventually Ursus would enter himself into such combat. He learned many lessons in these combats usually by way of finding his face hitting the ground but learned he did. Soon Ursus would claim victories in combat and would become the fiercest competitor in Leon.

Ursus grew tired of the combat of man. All so predictable with their forms and and masteries. Ursus wanted to find greater foes. He began to ride into the wilds and stop to watch the combat of the animals. Rabbits fending for their lives against Wolves, Bears fighting off groups of soldiers. Ursus had grown fascinated. Here there was no pattern and everything was done with only instinct. Ursus watched animals for many years until finally he did something no one would expect. He walked into the forest wearing only cloth and a small dagger. When he returned he had adorned himself in the furs of Wolves and Bears. Once after this he had been challenged in combat. His foe constantly tripped over his feet as he attempted to evade the relentless ferocity of Ursus. Ursus wanted to feel pure combat. Demur proud of his sons strength and growing old made Ursus king. Ursus did not care for what happened with the council or the day to day affairs. Ursus only had one task at mind. Ursus began to fight the Orcs.

Any rumor of an Orc raid had Ursus riding off ready for combat. He was able to find a few raiding parties and rushed them without concern. His guardsmen would tell tales of his combat and of how the Orcs had shown something that they had never shown: Fear.
Yet it was not enough for Ursus. Ursus wanted to find a true test of his strength and he had heard tales of Orc society. He knew that their greatest warrior stood as their chieftain. Ursus marched up the mountains. His guardsmen fearfully followed.

Ursus would reach the Orc camp and walked past the guards with their weapons drawn. The Orc guards dumbfounded by Ursus actions did nothing. Ursus found the chieftain and dropped his blade at his feet. This was all that was needed. The challenge had been issued. The entirety of the Orc tribe gathered around small pit. Their raucous cries left Ursus’ guards fearing for their lives if Ursus may lose. The chieftain came into combat with a large battered axe. Nicks in the blade of the axe had caused it to become serrated. It held a reddish hue presumably from the blood of countless victims. Ursus removed his armor and and stood naked in the field. He did not carry his blade. All were confused including the chieftain. The combat began at the sound of the horn. The chieftain rushed Ursus and swung his mighty axe at Ursus’ head, but Ursus blocked the axe with his left hand. The chieftain struggled to release the axe causing it to dig deeper and deeper into Ursus’ palm. Ursus grip was sure and their was no pain in his eyes just pure joy. Ursus began his counterattack. He punched the chieftain in the face causing him to release the axe. Ursus dropped it to the floor and continued his assault. The chieftain struggled to turn the tide of the battle but Ursus’ assault was relentless and soon Ursus was upon the limp body of the chieftain. The chieftain’s face nothing but a bloody pulp. Ursus was victorious. He took the axe as his prize and then named it “Fang”. His guardsmen rushed to tend to his wounds but Ursus brushed them aside. He went and sat at his throne on top of the mountain. Stories of his conquests would eventually begin Leon’s barbarian arts. All who become full fledged barbarians in Isidora scar their left hand in honor of Ursus.

Leon knew peace for the first time in a great time. The city prospered and grew. Soon it had grown into a great metropolis and small groups of settlers went out to expand the surrounding lands. Ursus continued to travel across the mountains and forests. Eventually he came across a simple village in the mountains far to the West of the Orc village. There he saw great giants of muscular build. He smiled at the thought of a new worthy foe. He charged into the village “Fang” raised high. The villagers did not move to defend themselves but instead fell to the ground kneeling. Ursus stopped in his tracks. He had never seen anything refuse to defend itself. This confused Ursus who had centered his life around combat and challenge. Ursus dropped “Fang” and walked into the village.

Ursus was absent from Leon for 3 years. The Orcs believing him dead began to hunger for combat again and Leon knew conflict once more. One morning a scout saw Ursus walking towards Leon from the mountain base. He was flanked by two giants. Ursus had returned and he brought with him ambassadors for the Goliath‘s village. The Ursus that had returned was not the Ursus that had left. He was calmer and more subdued. He did not lead any forces into combats and began to get more involved with the affairs of his kingdom. Soon more Goliath would come down the mountains and Ursus had given them land to erect their churches for their pantheon. Ursus would wed and give birth to Josiah. He did not raise Josiah as his father had raised him. Instead he raised Josiah with knowledge and told him stories of the gods. When Josiah was at the age of 22 Ursus abdicated his reign. He wished Josiah many years of wise rule and departed back to the mountains. It is said that Ursus returned to the Goliath village. Ursus would be the only king not to be buried in Leon.Historian’s have no knowledge of when Ursus died or what had happened to him after he left his kingdom to Josiah. Legends say he was raised up by the gods.


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